Viselance webmaster affiliates program

Do you want to make money without spending a dime?
Become a viselance Affiliates today. We work with affiliates from any part of the world as long as they are English speakers. But we reserve the right to accept or decline any membership application without reason or if we deem it wise to do so.
We are a small team, but we are growing first. Do not be left behind.

Why join us?

   Free to join

Becoming a member only takes few minutes. Sign up and wait for the admin to approve you.

   Highest commission

You get a commission of 40% on the first order your customer makes. [If they buy an order worth $ 100, you get $ 40]. And a 20% if they purchase through your link any other time.

   24/7 Expert help

We have a team to help you anytime you need them.

   On time payment

As soon as you hit a threshold of $ 100 then you are free to request your money. We prefer to pay through paypal but for those who do not have paypal, we can work out something.

How it works

By driving customers to make an order at viselance, you will make a commissions of 40% off their first order.
Then you will receive a 20% commission if they make another order; through your link.

We give a minimum payout of $ 100. Please read the terms to understand what we mean,

Working with us is easy and worth every minute of your time. You see, we don’t accept any affiliates, we accept affiliates who are serious with money.

I mean, you can play with money, or can you?

See, when you join our program for free, you start making money immediately.

Frequently asked questions

From where do the orders come from?

Many of our orders come from USA, Canada, Australia and Ukraine. However, we accept orders from anywhere.

How frequent do I earn money?

You earn money anytime as long as you bring your client.
The money may be seasonal because of holiday when schools are closed.

Do you work with affiliates?

Yes. We work with affiliates whenever they need help. If you want help with writing emails, texts ads and blog post, we can help you for free. However, we do no help with creating banner ads.

I do not have a blog or website, can I apply to be an affiliate?

Yes, you can. However, we request that you include details on how you plan to advertise viselance.


Join our webmaster affiliates program and work with affiliates who  run and own websites in the following areas:

  • Websites that give academic writing tips
  • Websites that offer assignment writing tips
  • Educational website related to students in university, college, middle school or high school.
  • Facebook, forums or any other group with students.


Make money without spending a dime.

“To apply , you must be a registered user on this website. To become a an affiliate please register.  But before you do that, please read the terms and conditions carefully.
If you are an existing affiliate, please log in to access your control panel.”

Have a question about our affiliate program, please send us an email to affiliates [at] viselance [dot] com.

Thank you for supporting viselance and we hope to work into a profitable partnership.

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