Prices start from as low as $10 per page depending on the following factors:

• Type of service.
• Number of pages.
• Course level.

Below is the basic table showing the prices per page.

Note: 1 double spaced is equal to 275 words.

1 single space page is treated as 2 double spaced pages.

But,  the inclusion of digital copies of the sources used will be charged an additional cost of $9.99 per source.

DeadlineHigh schoolSophomoreUndergraduateMastersPhD
1-24 hrs.$24$26$30$35$ 40
24-48hrs$15$19$ 25$33$38
3-4 days$14$18$ 23$ 30$ 35
5-6 days$13$ 17$ 20$ 26$ 30
7 - 9 days$12$15$ 18$ 22$27
+ 10 days$10$12$ 15$20$ 22

Polite Notice for prices!!

The cost listed above is only applicable to regular papers. Technical papers will be charged differently depending on the assessment from our writers.  However, the prices will only have a small deviation.

-Technical Papers Include:

-calculations (Accounting).

-Statistical and data analysis.


-Assignments that require skills in design and architecture.

-Engineering papers