100% money back guarantee

Work with viselance or get your money back 100%.

All paid orders are 100% refundable if the paper is found to contain plagiarism of any sort. If the paper did not follow the instructions and you do not want to work with us any more, just talk to the support team and you will get your money back.


Revision policy

We guarantee a total of two free revision for all papers within a period of two weeks. Any other revision beyond that time will be subject to additional fees.  However, this rule is subject to a few limitations for example if the writer does not follow instructions, you are free to ask revision for countless number of times but within two weeks.

Discount policy

Our discount policy is clear.

If you buy from viselance, discount will applies as follows:

Pay for 5 + pages, get 3% discount

Buy 10+ pages , get 10% discount

Buy 50+ pages, get 20% discount

Pay for 101+ pages get 33 % discount.


What is not covered by the discount policy?

  1. Urgent essays.
  2. Technical essays.
  3. Revisions

SP: We believe in quality work but we understand the financial problems of college students.

But a wise person once said:

An informed buyer purchases the product for its good quality ,and not merely for its brand endorsed by a celebrity or even when lots of people are buying it for the big discount on its bulk quantity.”
Ahuj Somany.

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