Our goal at Viselance is to change the lives of students in every way we can.

We guarantee to change yours too. You want to change right? [Say yes]

Whether you are an ESL and ENL, we got a place for you.

Apart from helping in academic writing, we help students to grow their writing skills.

The first thing we have in place is a good resource centre where you can learn the basics of essay writing.

Our contests focus on different subjects and they are organized on a random basis.

What do you get from participating in the essay writing contest?

Money prizes

Many college students struggle with their finances a lot. By participating in the contest you stand a chance to win money in three categories:

  1. 1st place gets $ 600.
  2. 2nd place receive $350.
  3. 3rd place get $200.

Free advice and guidance

After submitting your essay, we will select five of the top essay. Then advice students on the best practices to improve their skills in essay writing.

Huge audience

We always publish the best essays on the website or share them on social media. This way you will get exposure and can even create a career out of this.

Do you know that by submitting the essay, you actually get a chance to perfect your writing skills? Perhaps you might be the next powerful blogger.

A wise man one said:

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

                                                                                                                            Vince Lombardi

So don’t just write for the prize, prepare and write for you. In the end, the skills you get from participating in these contests will boost your grades.

Essay contest Instructions

For essay review do the following:

  1. Write an original essay.
  2. Your essay must be 500 words and above.
  3. Write your essay in English. [Anyone can participate, but this does not mean that English is important. We only accept essay written in English.]
  4. Include your email along with the essay so that we can contact you on prize collection.

How is marking done?

The essay you submit will be reviewed by a team of qualified editors.  But, editors from Viselance.com are really strict so make sure to write only the best essay.  Our editors are fair and they assess your paper based on merit.

Essay topics

Topics for our writing contests will be communicated and published on the site. Please keep checking.

How you take part in the essay writing contest

Before starting any contest, we will attach full instructions on where you can send your essay.  You are also free to contact our support team at any time.