Case study writing  needs a combination of theory and practice.

By doing this, you are able to relate real life situation with theory.

The case must be real such as an event, interview or even a person.

Meen..they are not easy to write.

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Thus, creativity is an important skills in case study writing.

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Before writing a case study, you have to first identify a problem.

Then explain:

  • New practices.
  • Current state of the problem.
  • How people are dealing with it.
  • And make your conclusion

Case studies categories:

  • Exploratory case study

It explores for patterns in a set of data and then creates a model to understand this data.

Thus, the writer will collect the data first and then try to interpret or create meaning out of it.

  • Descriptive case study

They find data on a particular issue.

Then use theory to justify the data.

  • Explanatory case study

Tries to explain why something happened.

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