Student’s loan urgh….

You know you will get peanuts in your student’s loan.

Ooh you don’t…? Damn I should have told you. But yeah…those guys gonna suck the life out of you with their loans.


They will give you peanuts and then hope for you to make the most out of it.  I cannot guarantee that you will achieve that, but it is definitely possible.


You see…


Many college students pay for their expenses with student’s loan.  But after 2 years, they are on the crossroad to poverty.


Perhaps you have not even gotten the loan. But from the stories you hear, you don’t want to be a poverty stricken college kid.


May be you come from a not so well off family. Don’t worry because today you are in luck.

It doesn’t matter how much you are getting for your loan, but you should be able to make more out of it.


Luckily for you, you have someone to advise you.




I had to live on the edge of poverty, yet I was not malnourished.

Well, unless your father is a rich billionaire, then you can’t survive without a student’s loan.


They say,

“Easy come, easy go.”


Applying for loans today is as easy as pie. I mean, all you have to do is fill your name and there you go…you have your wallet all fat.

But even before you graduate, you can’t track where the loan money went.


And maybe you are drawing in other privates loans.



Let tell you this for free, your life will be miserable unless you do what I am about to tell you.

1.Set priorities.

Heck…you don’t know how to set a budget?


May be it’s time you did some ‘googling’.  Learn how to budget. Sit down with pen and paper. Note what you need most and what is not compulsory.

If you are living away from home, your budget will be tighter.  Things like food, tuition and books are of high priority.


So you might consider setting enough money for them.


This is no B.S.


But if you won’t prioritize, then I guarantee you will drown in loans before you realize it.

You might as well ask your dad or mum to help you.  They are better with budgeting than you.

2. Save

You want me to save, damn sucker…?


Yeah that’s right. I want you to save. Even if it’s $2 per day.


Now, let me tell you this for free, if you don’t save, life after college will suck the shit out of you real quick.

The way you can do this is open both savings and checking accounts.  May be you were not taught about money in high school.


But who cares?


Student’s loan don’t care neither does the professor.

The point is that you are doing this for you.  $2 or $5 in saving can’t hurt your wallet much.


With the help of the saving and checking accounts, you are able to spend without touching your savings.

3. Split costs with friends

If there is one place you can’t survive without friends is college.



Now I know some people are not good with making friends. But do not panic. Read this article How To Make Friends In College Or University


Friends are important in and out of college. With a little budget to survive on, consider splitting the cost with one or two friends.

4. Use public transportation.

A study done by the American Public Transportation Association shows that students can save an average of 3,000 per year by taking public transport instead of driving to school.

This is not a surprise given the rising cost of petroleum.



When you take public transportation, you save money you could have spent on insurance, parking and gas.


It’s not rocket science.



The cost of maintaining a car is higher than the cost of going by bus.



I get it; you want to be the cool kid; driving to and from college. But did you think about your wallet….? I guess not.

5. Rent books

Remember our plan is for you to get more out of your loan.  You can’t buy books every time you have an assignment.  Can you?  Consider renting them.



If a book is expensive, use the buyback option.


You can go from freshman to senior without ever having to buy a book.



Do you know that? Okay may be you don’t.


Stay tight, I am about to let you in on a secret.  If a book is not available in Google, use websites such as is the biggest online library with over 3 million free books and articles.


Another option is for you to go on Search the book you want, but make sure it has a kindle version.


When the search result is up, click on the right hand corner where its written “look inside.”


Beem…! And you are in. You will not see the whole book, but you will see the first two or three chapters.

6. Watch out for grocery ads.

Buying food is a basic skill for college kids.


If done the right way, it can save you a  a lot in from your student loan.

You have email and you have the newspapers.  Look for new grocery stores, they often give free items.

Others have coupons that will give you twice the vegetable you would have had without the coupon.


I get it, you are a cool kid. But Yo… money isn’t cool to you. Or it is?



Also use your student cards to get discounts.  That way, you will get more out of your student’s loan.

7. Start a side hustle with your student’s loan

This might sound funny, but you can start a business in college.  You don’t have to necessarily go around college selling snacks.



But you have your friend right?



They have problems, some are not good with writing essay, and some are not good with cleaning.



Offer your help to clean their room. If you are more of a fun person, organize a party and make sure everyone pays.


This is a fun, but you can play the match maker in college.



You know that college kid who can’t get a girlfriend, why don’t you hook him up for a fee?


Want more ideas read this article, Small business ideas for college students

8. Find something to do.

College life is boring especially if you don’t know how to have fun.  When you are idle, you might have noticed that your spend your student’s loan on unnecessary things.


So why don’t you join a football team? May be you love dancing or debating, whatever you love, there is often a club for people with the same interest.



If your interest it not recognized, start a club by yourself. Ask your professor to help you. Use your friends to invite members.



And there…You have a tribe to follow you around.



At least you will spend time wisely and save some money.

9. Shop with a list

Probably you don’t know this, but 87% of American shop without a list. They don’t give a shit about where and on what they spend their money on.



But I dare you to try a shopping list today and see how much you will save.

10. Choose friends wisely.

Uugh…! This one…



Bad friends are toxic.


They will make your student’s loan run out faster than you had planned, then run away when you need them.


Of course they are easy to find especially when you have money.



If you find yourself with such friends, dump their asses and run like hell.

They don’t deserve you.





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Whatever you decide to do, I am all yours.