The final exams are around the corner… You don’t know what to do or where to start.


May be you are thinking of therapy dogs or some spiritual anointing.


But do you really think that will help you?


Okay let me tell you this one for free.   Exams will make you anxious. They make you want to run away.

You see…the more worried you are, the higher your chances of failing.


Ok! Ok! Ok! I feel you; I have been in the same place.   When in college, I used to party until the last two weeks to the exams. Sometimes I would miss classes.


Yes, college is not fun…but what do you do when the exams are 10 to 15 days due.


Passing is a must or at least getting an average grade.  They can make or break your dream to go abroad.

See…I know you dream of being at Ivy League.


As much as you study your course materials, you have to study for the final exams too.


Don’t get it twisted; preparing does not make your exam easier. But it helps to boost your confidence and self esteem.


You have heard this, more than a thousand times, may be. Tips for preparing for the final exam I mean.


But, even after reading, do you see a difference?

Reading or having the knowledge does not mean anything.


You have to start with you.  You have to change how you think and how you do things.


Smart people acquire the knowledge then use that knowledge to make their lives better.


And it does not matter whether you are taking you ACT, SAT or IELTS, but you have got to do the work.

You can spend hours reading on the secrets of passing exams, but without working smart, what you know will not help.


Did I say working smart? Yeah, that’s right.  I mean you have to work your ass off.


Study hard and play hard.


Then use the tips below to prepare for you final exams quick.