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Article review essay sample: church-state separation

Article review eh…?

An article review like a movie review requires you to read an article and then react to it.  For this reason, a killer review must follow a specific structure.  The first thing you do is write the summary and then write its strengths and weaknesses.  Simple article reviews refer from scientific reviews.  In this document, I am going to give you a simple article review essay sample, but the structure ain’t different from a scientific review.

                     Article review essay sample


Simon Brown’s article Church and State features Justice Antonin Scalia; a controversial Supreme Court jurist in the US. Scalia was particularly clear on his views about church-state separation. For him, it was not reasonable to favour one religion over the other. He liked to think of himself as an originalist, who read the constitution when it was first written. Even so, he did not forget to criticise other countries by saying that they did not honour God like the US. Surprisingly, the article notes that Scalia was among the first religious people to support ceremonial deism. This, of course, contradicted his claim that he is an originalist. Scalia argued that the ultimate intention of the First amendment was to prevent the government from establishing an official church for the US.

Apart from that, Scalia fully supported the use of religion in state issues. In fact, he argued that the state should introduce religion as a compulsory subject in school. His opinion put him on the wrong side of every church-state case. Yet his opinions did not come without criticism. The critics argued that Scalia was a selfish person not interested in serving justice but supporting his world’s views. His relation between the judiciary and the church were not secret complex. In fact, his critics often said that he thought his faith gave him answers and he would use it more often than not. This in itself was stated as a compliment, yet objectively it looks like criticism. Even so, Scalia discouraged major laws such as abortion making a staunch conservative. However, both the media and the government seemed to be neutral on the matter. Toward his death, he was one of the most controversial jurists of his time.



The article uses a real life example of Justice Scalia to show how church-state separation can be handled basing on opinions. It points out the real instances on how particular issues were addressed. For instance, Roe v. Wade 1973, solidified the women’s right to abort. The article does so well to cite other power thus removing bias and focus from Scalia. At least it is able to objectively discuss both points.  Furthermore, the underlying story connects with Scalia’s childhood and the article makes sure to illustrate that quite well.


Nonetheless, the major part of the article only focuses on one person rather it could have looked for diverse opinions. It only concentrates on Justice Scalia’s solutions to church-state problems. In fact, after his death, there were many issues, which were in court waiting for opinionated people to have close grasp of the constitution at hand as well as diligent decision-making.


Site, & Signature, N. (2016). Church & state. Retrieved February 4, 2017, from


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Movie review essay sample: Spotlight

Spotlight; the movie, is quite a thing huh…!

Writing a movie review is an excellent opportunity for you to react to something..

I mean, for once you have the chance to say what you feel. Just like a book review, a good movie review must them have personal options but not exclusively. 

So what how does a badass movie review look like?


Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight follows the events marked in the newspaper article;Church allowed abuse by priest for years. Written by McCarthy and John Singer, the 2015 film focuses on the widespread sexual abuse of children by priests of the Catholic Church in Boston. The film airs unspeakable and unexpected issues in a society that remains unexposed to conceal shame. In fact, the movie goes against all odds to air the most grotesque and insane acts of blasphemy in religion. It is plausible to presume Spotlight as a journalism-planned thriller.

Through appointing investigative journalists; Baron and Walter, the director carries the message of different articles on priests assaulting small boys. John Geoghan; a priest, has pending cases  of sexually abusing children. Although Boston’s Archbishop, Cardinal Bernard Law, knew the truth, he did nothing. In fact, he left the issue to the Spotlight investigators. At the beginning, Spotlight was keen to expose the heinous acts of a single priest who they believed was sexually molesting children only to realize that many priests in Massachusetts were committing this sin. The Spotlight investigations led to uncovering of a good number of wolfs in sheep clothing that “enjoyed” protection under the umbrella of powerful archbishops of the Catholic Church. As the film unveils, the investigators reveal the names of priests involved in sexual abuse.

Nonetheless, the affected children never reported  about the violation. The promotion of Cardinal Law to occupy leadership in a big church leaves one questioning the sanity of the priesthood and their role in modeling the church. Concealing abuse of children is a sin by itself and should be condemned in the highest terms possible.

However, the issue of priests engaging in such acts leaves the audience asking questions such as who should address and condemns sins; is it the congregation or the priests? For this reason, I argue that the priests ought to revoke their titles and duties. Ideally, priests guide, console and are morally upright among the society members. However, when they protect the wrong doers, the question of who should instill good moral value in our children arises.

In spite of the grotesque acts in the Spotlight, the presentation of scenes, frame by frame, is quite critical and it helps to display the disappointment the society has on such priests. Besides, the covering of the inhumane acts by the priests helps enhance the realism of the movie in relation to contemporary living. People tend to cover up immoral acts committed by their loved ones [priests covering fellow priests]. The reality component allows the audience to connect and identify with the movie. Additionally, the tonal delivery of messages throughout the movie helps to display the cynical appearance of wolves in sheep’s clothing without using paradoxical terms, which could be difficult to understand. This in itself helps the audience to develop a critical stand and experience change of perspectives.

Lastly, without regard to the systematic concealment of the Catholic Church, this movie is based on already existing facts. There is no originality.  It feels like I am watching a new channel because the movie lacks suspense and a conclusion.  In fact, it is hard to connect with the acting especially for people whose attention span is short. No wonder the movie got a rating of 8.1 stars in IMDb.



Spotlight (2015). Retrieved April 29, 2016 from

Davis, J. (2002, January 6). Spotlight church abuse report: Church allowed abuse by priest for years – the Boston globe. . Retrieved from

PS: Make sure to summarize the plot, and then give your personal opinions; negative and positive.

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College Application Essay Samples: Santa Monica College

This is a college application essay sample, but you will note that it is different from the typical academic essay.  While academic essays do have an intro, thesis, body and conclusion, a college application essay does not have to have that.  The good thing about college application essays is that they explain about your personality. It is you best time to breath life into your essay…


College application essay sample

Discovering and choosing the right university that ultimately fulfills my educational and career needs has been a vigorous yet exciting. The Santa Monica College is my best choice. It is also a great match for my dream University. I made this decision after visiting the campus. Santa Monica College offers what I have always been wishing for in my future college experience and  life’s development goals.  If I were admitted, I would diligently serve the college fraternity with my leadership skills. I am a person who likes to take initiatives in major events while enjoying my participation in school activities.

To start with, I have wished to become a professional in communication. Therefore, Santa Monica College stands out as the most premium educational institution for achieving lifetime training. This is after my enrollment to study an associate bachelor’s degree in communication.  Furthermore, the university is located a close proximity to the state’s communication  Authority, several mass media centers as well as the Civil Informative  non-governmental organizations that would facilitate my familiarization with the experience per the career’s requirement.

However, after completing my associate degree at Santa Monica College, I hope to transfer to UCLA to further my education. Experience and appreciation of career needs is important in life due to the excellent environmental conditions offered by the college’s surrounding. Nonetheless, the location of Santa Monica College provides myriad career benefits for the additional training expected from participation in experience gained from the city’s Authorities.

In fact, I completed my high school diploma at Missouri University and I am a proud distinction holder. In my final year at Missouri, I acted as the president of the student council where I developed top-notch leadership skills. Surprisingly, it is at that position that I developed an interest to study information communication after observing the inadequacy of knowledge on current city affairs. As a leader, I felt the need to assist them in achieving awareness on the ongoing issues and towards the right decisions. Moreover, the city lacks premium information sources especially in the civic education. Therefore, studying at Santa Monica College would assist me in in fulfilling the community needs.

In addition to its academic breadth, the Santa Monica College has a variety of the extra-curricular programs. It is my excitement to continue with my interests in sporting and theater performance. Back in the high school, I played for the varsity football club as the captain for two consecutive years where I participated in the in the music sound instrumentation.  For this reason, the advanced sporting facilities at Santa Monica College will boost my sporting skills and talent. Furthermore, it will accord me an avenue to continue enthusiastically with my involvement in leadership development.

Lastly, I understand that the best college is as good as the learners who attend.  But because I am a well-rounded student, I feel that I will add to the flourishing of College environment. Thus, I sincerely believe that I would ultimately fulfill my career potential through attending Santa Monica College.


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