30 weeks are over! See the damn school year is over.

Now what? I will tell you.

See after finishing high school, you enroll to college, things get complicated.

That’s when you have to choose a career or a major for that matter.

But as research shows, this is the most difficult part in a student’s life.

If you are planning to go to college without thinking about your major, you are headed for trouble.

I mean…in 2016 a report done by National Center for Education Statistics noted that 80 percent of students in the US change their major at least once.

Wow..that’s disturbing.

Choosing the right major is important.  It determines how your life will be for the rest of your life.

Many people tell you how to choose the right college major. But today I will try to be different.

I will show you the mistakes that many people make so that you can avoid. That way, you can learn from the mistakes of others.

And I dare you to read on because in the sixth mistakes, you will learn something you didn’t know.

So here are…

The 11 horrible mistakes in choosing a college major

1. Listening to friends

Aww friends …!

Friends influence many of the decisions you make in life.  Sometimes you might not know good and bad friends.  But whether they are fucked up or not, choosing a college major has nothing to do with what friends wants.

See…I get it; you want to be a cool kid. It’s okay, that is totally typical of you. But choosing the right major ain’t no brainer task.  It’s your liiiife buddy!

Let me be real with you.  Many of the friends you have now won’t be with you forever.  And that is why making the right decision is critical for you, your family and success.

2. Looking at money

Money is sweet.  I mean, I made the same mistake when choosing my major.

Many students want to get a high paying job. At least that is their first priority.  But if you are in this dilemma, I want to tell you to end it. Stop thinking about money and think about your interest, skills and future.

College counselors and even parents will advise you to pick a course that will pay well.

A recent study shows that parents and students see college tuition as an investment.

In the study, the author noted that the world is a harsh place than it used to be. Thus, investment costs are too high to waste time doing the wrong college major.

Do not sacrifice your happiness for money.  College is a place to discover yourself while polishing your skills and interests.

3. Listening to your parents

Parents play an important role in the college major you will choose.  But they should not choose the major for you.

You see…

Your parents want you to take a major because of how they feel. May be they have seen someone succeed after taking a certain major.

But, let me let you in on a secret, success and how much money you make after college are not related.

I know you have rich friends who didn’t go to college.  If you don’t, you parents do. This is to show you that college and success are two different worlds.

I know the pressure that comes with choosing the major your parents don’t want. I have been there.

Here is the secret though…

If you want your parents to respect your decision, stick with it.

 4. Not following your passion


Passion passion passion…it’s the order of the day.  May be you don’t even know your passion.

May be you are confused and frustrated.  I know the question you are asking in your mind,

Well okay, “you told me to follow my passion, if only I knew what my passion is. “

But do not worry, try this if you’re struggling to find your passion.

5. You do not consider alternatives

Before choosing a college major, it is best that you consider alternatives.  Many things are involved and you might fit for two or three majors.  But, you can only choose one major.


To ensure that you have picked what is right for you, look at different choices and how they will help you.

The good thing about an alternate is that you can switch to it before it is too late.  Sometimes you start a major and it gets ugly for you. So, that is when you shift to the alternative.  But I discourage you to do this.

I advise you to think about the alternatives because one major may be more fulfilling than the other one.


6. Taking too long to decide.

Many of you don’t know what they want. This is the typical me.

I know you are in the same problem.  You don’t want to screw up. I get it…

But should you really take that long?

I mean, even if I said that your future depends on it, I didn’t say you life depends on it. Or did I?

If you are applying to college without a clear mind, I ask you to seek help and save time.

May be you are spoilt for choice.

‘This taking too long to decide thing…’  is common when you don’t know your passion. But even if you know your passion, making a major interesting takes time and work.

Remember, every minute you waste in college, that is money you waste.  Time spent the wrong way is never recovered.

So, I dare you to make the decision now than waste time.

If you are yet to know your passion, try a broad major.  By the end of the first semester, you will have known what you want.

7. You did not research

As much as I say you should follow your passion, college is an investment.  You are devoting hours and years of your time to pursue something for your future.

So you understand the weight that comes with choosing the wrong college major, right?

Some of the things you can research on are potential career opportunities in the majors and the stress that come with the major.

Before investing your money on anything, make sure you know what is in for you and if it relates to your goals.

Want to know more…read on and you will discover some more..

8. You don’t ask for advice

Some students are shy while others want to feel like they know everything. But you are not yet there. In any case, you know nothing.

May be you are an introvert. But this is a risk worth taking.

There are career counselors, career groups, people already taking your college major and those in the job market. They can all help you.

Asking for help does not mean that you are dumb.  It means that you’re smart enough to end ignorance.

9. Choosing your major too early

Many students are rushing to make their career decision.  This is an expensive error to a student and the future employers. If you are only 17 years in age, that means you have 50 years to work.  Choosing the right major is a process and it should take time.  

Research shows that a majority of student don’t know what they want when they finish college.

This is a fact.

Who you are now is not who you will be in 10 years from today.  So why not spare enough time for a happy future?

The pressure of not picking a major can overwhelm you. But you need to be careful.  Wasting four years doing the wrong major is not a smart decision.

10. Taking a class to choose a college major

I see this advice running all over the internet.  “That you should take a class so that you can know your major.”

This is dumb and utter waste of time.

Come to think of it…if you take a major and then find that it’s wrong, what will you do?

You have known the major is wrong, but you have not chosen anything yet. See you have wasted time and money.

Instead of wasting your flickin time in a boring class, why don’t you ask for help from experienced people?

Or better yet, read online since there are tones of information. But be careful where and what you read.

11. Not being practical

This is my chance to give you some real talk…I know you don’t like it. But I will say it anyway.

The job market is flooded and before you land a job you will have to hustle hard.

As much as you love something, you have to be practical as well.  But you cannot quantify the worth of any college major.

It really depends on what worth means to you.

To some worth is measure in money but for others, worth is measure in happiness. But I advise you to balance both of them.

When you do that, you will find a practical major that fits your life and goals.

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Your turn…

Now that you know the mistakes they make…Why don’t you tell me the major you want to take?  Are you facing problems?

Leave your comment right below now. I would love to talk with you.