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The definitive guide to academic writing

Academic writing

Academic writing: Language and style

This is an important guide to help you understand the voice, language and style  in academic writing.

It is important for you to understand that academic writing is more like the traditional form of writing,

How to begin an academic essay

Beginning an academic essay is not easy. Well after reading this guide, you will understand how to start your essay.

How to write an outline

This is the ultimate guide to help you when you want to write an outline.  May be you do not know where to start, start here please. It will be easy.

Tips on grammar, punctuation & Style

Grammar, punctuation and style all work together for a complete essay.  To learn the basics, follow this guideline.

Key terms in academic writing

You might have encountered different terms in academic writing. Some of this terms include define, discuss, evaluate, interpret, summarize, synthesize or react. Follow this guide and you will understand how they apply. In fact, it will help you to understand how you can use them.

Preparing to write

See, writing is a process and it starts with preparation.  May be you don’t even know where to start, you need to start with this guide.

How to write a perfect thesis statement

This is a complete guide on how you can write that thesis statement.  Be it for your dissertation, essay or research paper. This is the article you need to write that thesis. Read it and understand.

How to write a killer essay conclusion

Writing essay conclusions are not easy.  The conclusion is your only chance to leave a lasting memory for the reader. Thus, you need to know the basics. With this article, you will understand what it means.

Important academic writing books


Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential tasks and skills

This is a book and essentially, it very important if you want to learn about academic writing.  As a graduate student, writing is part of your life and you need to know the basics.

This book is good if you are not a native English speaker   this is the guide for you.

Academic Writing: A Handbook for International Students

Many international students have problems with writing essays, research papers, dissertations and what not. This is an excellent book and it will help you to deal with all your troubles.  The book uses a lot of examples. So where you do not understand, be sure there is actionable information.

Academic essay writing

You know nothing about essay writing, right?

This pdf document will take you by hand step by step until you understand.

In includes examples and it even helps you to understand the academic world.

I have used it personally and so I am asking you to boost your skills with it.






















21 do’s and don’ts for effective essay writing

Want to master the skills of essay writing? You want to write your essay with eyes closed.

It is possible, but certainly not easy.

I mean with practice you are sure to get on the right foot.

Essay writing is a nightmare if you don’t know what to do and what not to do.

Writing essay is compulsory from high school to university. Thus, your life can be boring if you don’t know the secrets.

I know there many other students struggling with the same problem. Yet they do not take time to read.

You might even save a few pennies by reading this. Besides helping you with assignment, I want you to master how we do it. I want you to save a few coins.

I mean, there are many good things that come with writing your essay.  And to do that, you start by learning.

Are you in high school or university? It’s not too late to learn.

So pour yourself a cup of Joe, take a deep breath and follow the do’s and don’ts of killer essay writing.

The Do’s of essay writing

1. Do: Use simple sentence

You have heard this more than one thousand times. But for it to stick in your brain, I had to repeat it.

Using simple sentences makes your essay sweet and easy to read.  Long sentences are boring. In fact, the reader may get bored to finish the essay. To keep the reader interested. Use simple sentences with simple words.

It is not bad to write with sophisticated words. But you are writing an essay. You are not competing with Shakespeare.

Using simple sentences also let the reader easily understand the ideas of the essay. Just keep it simple, okay?

2. Do: Write thesis statement

An essay without a thesis statement is not complete.  The thesis statement is everything there is to an essay.  Many students do not even know how to write a perfect thesis statement. But I will show you.  Read this article


3. Do: be specific

Ever read an essay you can’t even follow. ..? Like you have to dig deep into the statements to get its meaning? It is because of generalization.

Writing an essay especially in college needs you be to be specific. You can start with a broad idea then narrow it down. I mean what is the point of writing if you cannot focus?

4. Do : cite you essay

As much as you are allowed to write in your own words, do not forget to cite.  Unless it is clearly stated in the instructions, always cite your sources.

Does it make sense to write a 5 page essay without consulting other sources?

If you have been writing your essay without citing, then try citing them. You will see the difference.

You are not sure how to cite see samples here and then read this article.

5. Do : plan your essay

Ever written an essay than get stuck in the middle? Then you do not plan.

Before putting pen to paper, write an outline.  Start from the title and work downward. Read the sources. Do a thorough research and write down the points.  Use those points to write an outline.

Don’t how to write an outline? Here is an example

6. Do : use transition between your paragraphs

If you want your essay to flow well, use transition words.

They include:

  • Firstly
  • Secondly
  • For this reason
  • Henceforth
  • Therefore
  • But
  • Thus
  • Hence
  • Conversely
  • Consequently

Just to name a few.

Do not leave the reader to guess that you are starting a new paragraph. I mean, it is practical for him or her to see, but rules are rules.

7. Do : use formal language

Unless it is stated in the instruction never use an informal language.  An essay is not a blog.  It is educational and formal.

Do not use personal pronouns like; I, me, you, we, unless you are writing an essay about yourself.

8. Do: structure your essay

The structure makes the essay attractive and essay to read. Have a clear introduction, body and conclusion.

I have heard many students asking whether it is a must to include the conclusion.

My answer to this question is yes. Want to know why I think so, read this article.


9. Do: start early

I know you wait until the last minute to write your essay. I used to do so.

If you do not feel to write, read, look for sources. In the end, you will have less work to do.  Starting early helps you to maximize on your grades.

When you start early, you have a chance to proofread your work..

10. Do : proofread your essay

Please! Please! proofread your essay for grammar and punctuation mistakes. It sounds easy, but it is important.

You might also consider asking your friend to help you. Give it to your mama or dad.  Also consider taking a short break then come back to proofread


Don’ts of essay writing

11. Don’t: Clutter

Writing is art. I always say this; do not write unnecessary words. If you can explain an idea with two words, why use seven words to explain it?

As much as possible, keep you essay off run on sentences. Clutter makes an essay chaotic.

Remember you are writing for someone else. You are not writing for you.

Recommended for you: What are some good tips on how to cut clutter in your writing?

12. Don’t: plagiarize..

If you want to kill your academic life, try plagiarizing.  I know many students have been suspended because of plagiarism.  Do not copy and paste.

Read and write in your own words. Then cite the sources accordingly.  But if the essay needs you to use quotes, cite them well.

13. Don’t: overwrite

There is a reason you were told to write 7 pages. Do not write 20 pages.

Some people will tell you that writing more than required is a good idea. Don’t do it please. The word count is a good way for the professor to access your discipline.

Limiting yourself to the word count is not easy.

In fact, it is likely that when you exceed the word count, you start writing unnecessary thing. You start adding clutter and going off topic. Stick to your lane. Period


14. Don’t: over summarize facts

It is okay for you to use facts, but do not summarize information.

Use your opinion and support it with facts.  What the professor want to see is an argument.  And if it is necessary for you to summarize fact, use what is relevant to the prompt.

You aim is to show that you understand the prompt. You cannot show that by over summarizing facts.

15. Don’t: mix numbers and text

You know that time you are tempted to write “7” instead of seven. Don’t do it.  Unless, you are writing a technical essay, do not include numbers and text in your essay.

If you are using numbers use numbers throughout the text. And if you are using text, use text throughout the essay.

16. Don’t: bribe your professor.

It doesn’t work. The money, chocolate, lunch…Don’t try.  If you want to get good grades, follow the instructions. Attend classes and don’t take your assignment for granted.

17. Don’t:  Submit late

Your professor might not tell you this, but submitting your paper late can cost you. You need to prepare early, start writing and submit the essay on time.

Time management is good. It will help you to avoid lateness.

18. Don’t:  use shortened versions of words

Ever found yourself using words like; can’t, won’t, couldn’t, weren’t or wouldn’t.  It is an essay not a tweet. Stick to the rules.

Even so, some teacher might feel irritated when marking your paper.  Besides, using contractions confuses the reader.

19. Don’t: use slang

Slang is a cliché’ word that is used in everyday street talk.  Thus it is against the do’s of essay writing. Word like big deal, freak out, okay, yeah, watsup, are slang. They come as fast as they go.

Instead of using the words ‘freak out’ say ‘scared’.


20. Don’t: put two ideas in one paragraph

Each paragraph should have a single idea. Have a topic sentence, and then make you claim and proof it.

Putting two ideas in the same paragraph makes it to look overly long.  It might even make the reader bored.

21. Don’t; swear in you essay

 Writing an essay is formal and not in formal.  You know those sexy words like “shit, holy shit, motherfucler, bullshit, ooh my god, fuck ‘em.” (Men I like using this words). But I plead with you to avoid them.

Put your audience in mind. The essay will be read by someone else. Some people may feel offended by the negative language.


Your turn…

Did this help you? Are you struggling with essay writing?

. Tell me your problems. You do not have a problem?

Either way, I would love to hear from you, Please take one minute to leave you comment right now…

















how to write a killer analytical essay quick

Mmmh..the analytical essay

You see…writing is art. Its is not easy.  Besides it is compulsory in college.

You thought it’s a choice..? Well no. But even if it were a choice, you might need a few head ups to succeed.

The good thing about writing this kind of essay is that through practice, you are able to master the craft.

The perfectly written analytical essay follows the right structure, organization and process.

Cite your paper well. If its APA, check the last article i wrote here.

With that being said, you need to check your language and tone as well.  Use a formal tone and an active voice.

As you write, try your best to make the main points stand out.  Try not to go off topic and focus on the main concept.

It’s true an analytical essay follows a specific pattern. But it should also follow the set guidelines in academic writing. The basics must stick to their place. You feel me?

You know… I have done this thing many times. I mean writing analytical essays.

And for many times, I used to fail. Not until recently when I cracked the nut. The secret am about to tell you..!! The killer way of doing an analytical essay. I did some practice, four or three times I guess, and I am ripe now.

Sometimes I want to thank the essays for being easy to write.  My friend once thanked Socrates for being easy to pick. He was told to choose between Kant and Socrates, he choose Socrates and got an A. Ohh philosophy…

Now back to the main topic…

Like any other essay, please please proofread your analytical essay. Nothing is more irritating than marking a paper that is full of errors.

Yes…You might have done a good job but the errors; they make the professor to believe you are lazy.

Now are you ready? Take a deep breath, pour yourself a cup of Joe and follow these steps to a killer analytical essay.

Ohh and before I forget…

Please leave a quick comment right below now.

I would love to hear from you.

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